Where to begin? Well, if you own a Ruger 10/22, you probably already know how crucial this accessory is. The Ruger is an amazing rifle (for more on rifles – check out our M16 rifle specs) by itself but there are definitely some things that can further improve the functionality of this gun. In this case, an automatic release.

Pimp My Gun

The Ruger 10 22 automatic bolt release replaces an original part on the gun and allows you to work the bolt without pressing the bolt lock mechanism.

50 Years of Ruger
50 Years of Ruger

Some people might not be rushing out to buy this, but if you think about it, you’ll realize just how crucial it really is. Think about it: if the bolt is locked back, you have to pull the bolt back and push the bolt release mechanism at the same time to chamber a round. Although to some it may not sound that hard, ultimately it can really be a pain.

A lot of people who buy the 10/22 own this rifle for a survival situation. Now, if you do in fact find yourself in a survival situation, you want everything to be as simple as possible and this is just one of those things that make your life easier. It is a cheap part to buy and it could mean either having a good piece of meat for dinner or a can of beans! So honestly, what’s the question here?

The main point of this accessory is that it does what it says. I happen to have a new 2014 10/22 Take down tactical “50 anniversary” edition rifle and I have to say that this upgrade is a must have for any 10/22. With it, I do not have to try to fiddle with the little latch on the bottom to release the bolt. I just slide the charging handle rearward and let go. It’s honestly as simple as pie. Pair this with a tactical charging handle – twice the grip space and more comfortable to pull back.

Quality and Value

When buying these kind of products for the 10/22, you always need to think about the quality its adding to your rifle. If you buy an accessory that you think will improve your gun, but at the end it turns out to be a let down, than what was the point?

Automatic Bolt Release by Voltquartsen
Automatic Bolt Release by Voltquartsen

So let me tell you, this particular accessory is the right quality and the right price. It took me about 20 minutes to install; would have been less but I had never disassembled the trigger group before.

I took my rifle out to the range and it performed just as I thought it would. I tend to shoot cheap high velocity lead ammo and the lead can build up in the barrel to the point where the snake isn’t enough to clean it. So I lock the bolt back, and push the rod and brush down the barrel. The brush comes through the back of the barrel, hits the bolt and releases it. Lock the bolt back, run the brush through, it hits the bolt and releases it forward…repeat.

Installation is very simple and easy. What I found to be a little annoying is that there were no installation instructions that came with the bolt release. However, you can definitely find YouTube videos pretty easily. Once you have done it you realize just how easy it is to replace the factory bolt release with this auto release.

If you’re looking for a place to buy this awesome accessory, then Amazon is the place to go for Ruger 10/22 parts and they have the Automatic Bolt Release by Voltquartsen for just $11.

If you are still using the old school manual bolt release, make your life so much easier and simply drop this bad boy in. All you have to do is remove one pin and carefully slide into place and replace pin.  That’s it!

Nate M.

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