Although Taurus began producing revolvers and eventually reproducing classics, they have since expanded their repertoire to include their own unique pistols, carbines, and even a submachine gun. Nevertheless, they are best known for their undeniably awesome handguns. The diverse pistols in their collection include metal and polymer framed guns, small-framed conceal carry weapons, and cutting-edge power horses. Besides for boasting incredible specs, many of these Taurus’ have also won prestigious awards, such as their 1911 and several of the Taurus.22’s, as featured in our recent review.

Now an international sensation, the up and coming South American firearms manufacturer started with just one revolver back in 1941 but now has a catalog filled with several dozen different pistols, revolvers, and rifles. One of the biggest attractions to these weapons is their affordable prices, which are incredibly low for how high quality their products are. What started as a tiny Brazilian factory in Porto Alegre has blossomed into one of the largest small arms syndicates in the world. Taurus has such an fascinating history and lineup, which unfortunately, we can’t get into here. However, I recommend getting a taste with our overview of Taurus and their impressive collection of firearms. In today’s Gunivore review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Taurus 709 Slim. Let’s see if this Taurus’ quality matches the hype.

Taurus 709 Pistol

Taurus 709 Slim Pistol Specs

  • Model: 709 Slim.
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger.
  • Capacity: 7+1 (6+1 for the .40 S&W model).
  • Weight: 19 oz. unloaded.
  • Overall Length: 6”.
  • Barrel Length: 3” (3.2” for the .40 S&W model).
  • Action: SA/DA.
  • MSRP: $319.00.

Taurus 709 Slim Pistol Build

If you’re looking for a new CCW, then you should definitely consider the Taurus 709 Slim. Taurus has been pumping out extraordinary CCWs for years, and this is yet another fine example. In fact, I’ve been a huge fan of their Taurus Millennium G2 since its debut in 2005, but I’ve started to think the 709 might even be better.

Taurus 709 Pistol In Hand

The slim and compact frame of the 709 combined with its slight build makes it one of the finest concealed carry weapons out there. At a mere 4.5” tall, 6” long and 1” wide, the 709 is so easy to conceal without causing any discomfort. As a skinny guy, I’ve found a lot of firearms protrude and even dig into my hip, but the 709 slim sits really well. These features also ensure a quick, easy pull and effectively prevent any snugging. I’ve come across a lot of skeptics of Taurus’ quality; rest assured, with a lightweight polymer frame, steel slide, and well-finished design, the 709 Slim is highly durable.

You’ve got your traditional 3-dot system, with a rear adjustable sight on the gun. One of the 709’s most impressive features is its safety system. The Taurus Security System includes manual and trigger safeties which makes the CCW inoperable at the turn of a key. When the Security System is engaged, the Taurus’ manual safety can’t be disengaged and the gun can’t be cocked or fired. As an added plus, this specialized safety mechanism is incorporated into the firearm and therefore can’t be lost.

Besides for their security system, Taurus also added several other great safety features into the 709 Slim’s build. This single-stack semi-auto has a loaded chamber indicator. This no-cost bonus won’t affect your gun’s operation and gives you a clear marker to determine whether or not there’s a round in the chamber. If the gun is indeed loaded, a small but noticeable red strip juts out right behind the ejection port.

Forjas Taurus has made it a priority to give each of their firearms top-notch handling and user-friendliness. A great example of this effort is the low recoil and grips on their CCWs. However, as good as these polymer grips are, they still fall short of the insanely comfortable Ribber Grips on several of the Taurus .22 handguns.

Taurus 709 Slim Pistol Shooting & Performance

Shooting The Taurus 709 Pistol (Credit: sootch00)

Carrying a concealed firearm that is unreliable is like having an alarm system and keeping it off. That being said, it’s undeniably important to carry a gun you can trust that’ll never let you down. I can safely say that the Taurus 709 Slim fits into that category. The 709 field strips with ease and is super user-friendly.

Taurus endowed these striker-fired subcompact semi-autos with lightweight components which keep the CCW comfortable and easy to control. Another great performance booster is the integrated Taurus Security System, as previously mentioned.

Part in parcel of what makes these CCW’s great is how smooth their pull is. This underrated feature should not be overlooked when investing in a new carry weapon. Additionally, the PT 24/7 Pro Trigger system sets in single-action when a round is chambered and resets to double-action mode until the next cartridge is chambered. Besides for the lightweight design, shooting the 709 has been made easier with the rear slide grooves which provide easy cocking.

One of the most remarkable abilities of these Taurus’ is their capacity to handle different ammunition. I fired the cheapest and most expensive rounds I could find, including hollow point and +P. Each performed flawlessly.

Taurus 709 Pistol Magazine, Extended Clip Review

Taurus 709 Magazine

The 9mm version has a standard capacity of 7+1, while the 709 chambered in .40 S&W can only hold 6+1. Nevertheless, both models can handle just about any kinda round you throw at it, which is no small feat. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go too crazy experimenting with ammunition, just that the 709 holds up to abuse.

Surprisingly, the magazines for the 709 Slims are the most controversial component of these weapons. After asking around, I came across a lot of complains about the availability of magazines for the 709 Slims. Although that may have been the case for a while, it’s no so anymore. You can easily buy factory mags straight from the manufacturer from sites like Cabela’s for a reasonable cost.

For those looking for something more, I have good news. ProMag currently sells extended Blue Steel mags for the 9mm 709 Slim. There are two major reasons for going this route, and both are equally valid. Number one, having the extra rounds is generally a safer and better idea. Secondly, with the added length of the extended mag, the shooter is given a better grip of the firearm. This is great for guys like me with big hands who can’t rest their pinky on the small grip of the subcompact Taurus. Preference will vary depending on the user.

Taurus 709 Slim Pistol Accessories Breakdown

Taurus 709 With Laser Sight

Besides for stocking up on mags, there are a few solid options for accessorizing your 709 Slim. For starters, I’m a big fan of the Crimson Trace Laserguard. For a pretty penny, this attachment offers a laser sight that’ll shine brighter than night sights and will make target acquisition much easier in the dark. To make the deal even sweeter, this accessory won’t affect how you carry your firearm; the sight, which sits forward of the trigger guard, sits perfectly well in your standard 709 Slim holsters.

If you don’t opt for the extended mag, you might want the grip extension that it provides anyway in which case the Pearce Grip Extension is a safe bet. This attachment significantly adds to the comfort and control of the 709. These durable and well-made grips blend contour and texture to give you the ultimate shooting experience.

Taurus 709 Slim Holsters Explained

Taurus 709 Pistol With Holster

As a CCW, it’s extremely important to invest in a solid holster. However, with a gun that pulls as smoothly as the 709, you don’t have to go too crazy. You shouldn’t have to spend more than $50 to get high-quality holster that is effective and durable.

I like DeSantis Holsters, and their Leather Sof-Tuck Inside the Pant Holster is a solid choice. Another option is the Super Fly Pocket Holster which will never move out of position in your pocket. Lately, I’ve gotten into AlienGear Holsters for their wide variety of reliable and inexpensive options. I highly recommend their Slim Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB (inside the waistband) and Slim Cloak Mod OWB (outside the waistband) holsters.

Taurus 709 Slim Pistol vs. Ruger LC9 Pistol

Ruger LC9 Pistol

The Taurus 709 Slim makes a natural comparison to the Ruger LC9 and it’s easy to see why. They’re both lightweight, subcompact CCW’s with very similar builds. Personally, I like the way the Taurus feels in my hands more than the Ruger. I’m also drawn to the 709 because of the Taurus Security System, which should be a huge plus for anyone. A major factor which could draw you to one of these guns over the other is their action. The Ruger is double-action only whereas the 709 Slim is SA/DA. Overall, these are both very durable, highly-concealable, and accurate handguns. If you can’t decide, why not just get both? Another 709’esque pistol we’ve reviewed is the Glock 43. Check out our full Glock 43 review to get the rundown.

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  1. I have several taurus pistols. the 709 is a very good carry gun. I put a tandemkross fiber optic front sight on it and now it’s even better.
    Just got the g3 and it’s a fantastic weapon also.

  2. I love my Taurus PT709 Slim which I caught on sale for $212. Considering changing the sights to fiber optic but not decided yet. Be AWARE of ProMag’s Extended Mag for the 709 Slim. I purchased one for my Slim and two for my Taurus .380 and NONE of them could be made to work. The 380 mags I threw away and the Slim mag I threw in a draw. I wrote the company and NEVER heard back.

  3. I currently own 2 Taurus handguns (PT709 Slim and Model 85 Ultralite snub-nosed revolver) and intend to own more. The PT709 Slim is everything this review says it is, and it points like a champion bird-dog!! The Model 85, if anything, might just point even better! Aimed fire? Heck yes, both are great! My next Taurus will likely be the 1911, since I’ve had the opportunity to fire one several times and was sold before I emptied the first magazine. Three cheers for Taurus for bringing high-quality handguns to those of us who otherwise might not be able to afford them!

    1. We’re glad you enjoyed. Have you considered the Millenium G2? You might like it more than the 1911, it’s one hell of a firearm.

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