Before we begin to discuss the EAA Windicator (pronounced Vindicator), we must first acknowledge that the budget-friendly revolver is actually manufactured by Weihrauch, a German arms company, based in the small town of Mellrichstadt. Besides for the wheel gun, Weihrauch has a reputation for developing extremely reliable and durable air rifles and pistols. That being said, the Windicators are imported by EAA – European American Armory Inc – a Florida-based firearms company which imports handguns and long guns from Western Europe. EAA was founded with one goal in mind: To provide American firearms consumers with the best value in guns. In general, nearly all of their imports are considered affordable yet surprisingly high-quality, so my expectations for the Windicator were pretty high.

EAA Windicator 357

• Model: EAA Windicator Compact Revolver
• Caliber: .357 Magnum
• Capacity: 6 Rounds
• Action: Single Action / Double Action
• Barrel Length: 2”
• Overall Length: 7”
• Height: 5.5”
• Width: 1.5”
• Weight: 1.8 lbs. (30 oz.)
• Finish: Blued
• Sights: Fixed
• MSRP: $373

EAA Windicator Build

At first glance, the EAA Windicator already looks like it’s going to be a blast to shoot, even though there aren’t any standout features. Nevertheless, the most important thing to know about these guns is that they are the epitome of consistency, durability, and reliability. In terms of overall quality and affordability, few other revolvers can compete with the Windicator. There are obviously better looking, lighter, and smoother revolvers out there, but these are surprisingly impressive.

Full-Sized Nickel Windicator

Keep in mind that since these six shooters are the product of renowned German engineering, you can expect more than their price would indicate. In fact, if I had to pick two words to best describe it, I’d use “simple” and “effective”. Although there’s not a whole lot of variety in the collection, EAA does import the Windicator in two sizes (2” and 4” barrel), 2 calibers (.357 Magnum and .38 Special), and 2 finishes (nickel and blued).

EAA Windicator Performance

Although the Windicator is still relatively new to the American market, they have been used in Germany and throughout Europe for decades. Like any good revolver, these are powerful, yet maintain a decent control. Shooting .357 Magnum is no small thing, but the rubber grips do a pretty good job of boosting handling and overall ergonomics. Also, you can’t forget that these are surprisingly heavy, even the snub-nose models, so they’re not ideal as a CCW. Nonetheless, because they shoot well and can handle some abuse, they’re good for keeping in the car, garage, or what have you.

Snub-Nose EAA Blued Windicator

As you might have expected, the double action trigger on the Windicator is astonishingly heavy, yet the single action was surprisingly reasonable, weighing in at just over 5 pounds. That being said, I was significantly more comfortable with .38 than I was with .357.

EAA Windicator Grips

The default grips on the Windicator are pretty good but could definitely be softer. A revolver like this really needs a great grip system, so I recommend upgrading the rubber grips. Unfortunately, the EAA catalog only offers a wood alternative, which is gorgeous but is not gonna help your control. The biggest complaint people tend to have on these grips is that they’re too short so that your pinky hangs off. Unfortunately, I have yet to find any replacement grips that are custom made from a shop. Please feel free to let us know if you were able to find an upgrade, we’d love to see the available options.

EAA Windicator Holster

The most common holster for the EAA Windicator is the EAA-made Wraith Belt Holster. For under $50, this holster gets the job done, but it’s nothing fancy, to say the least. In terms of its overall quality, it’s just about average, probably due to the fact that it’s made by Galco. Fortunately, the folks over at AlienGear have you covered, as usual. They currently manufacture a few of their most popular models custom fit for the Windicator, including the outstanding Cloak Tuck Series.


Overall, the EAA Windicator is the budget gun you haven’t heard of that is worth considering. While it may not look spectacular or even offer great handling, it will get the job done every time. While these guns are hard to compare to more mainstream revolvers, the closest six shooters I can think of are Charter and Taurus, but they’re still noticeably distinct. Either way, the EAA revolver is a smart buy and is a gun that is certainly worth considering.

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  1. I have the snub nose and I love it as you have the power of a .357 and the weight makes it easy to control. Shooting .38s it is like shooting a .22. It has a long pull and weighty trigger, however if you pull the hammer back first it is very effective and accurate. People have complained about the weight as a CCW, if that is the case find something else and stop complaining. You have many options in holsters, I prefer the shoulder holster with 3 speed loaders on the other side. To me it is a great defensive weapon for the money, as once they were $250.

  2. my wife and I both own 357 windicators , we have shot many rounds threw both of them and never a problem . they are very accurate for a stub nose firearm. we have shot them competitively at 20 yds. we use 38 p+ ammo I do agree with 357 full loads they are a handful .

  3. I’ve owned the snubbing for years. Use it for camping with a snake load. Shot .357 jhp with no problem. Heavy, but I like the weight — solid and we’ll finished for the $$.. I am considering the 4″ or possibly the new 6″ ..

    Built like a tank but recoil is fine — I believe due in part to the weight..

  4. Does anyone have owning/shooting BOTH the M206 and the EAA Windicator? I have seen a lot of comments about both brands regarding other models, but am searching for feedback on these two revolvers. Both seem to have overall positive reviews with reoccurring criticisms of the barrel pin and grip screw on the EAA, and trigger action and clocking on the Taurus. Thanks!

  5. I own and shoot the EAA Windicator.
    I usually shoot 38 special and carry loaded with 38 JHP ammo on board but shooting full power 357 is not all that uncomfortable. I like the little revolver and enjoy shooting it. While not exactly a tack driver, it should be effective at close defensive shooting distances.

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