When it comes to survival and prepping there are a few companies which have the industry smitten. There’s the ever-popular Wise Company, Honeyville, Emergency Essentials, the Ready Store, and of course, Survival Frog. In fact, the Denver-based team has already become arguably the largest source of preparedness and survival products in under ten years.

Byron Walker began his incredibly successful business back in 2009 when it was just distributing informational books and discs. In just a few short years he and his crew are now considered one of the premier suppliers of survival goods and gear in North America. Additionally, many people take comfort in the fact that these products are American-made with care by Byron and his small team of employees.

Survival Frog Tact Bivvy

Survival Frog Bivvy
Survival Frog Tact Bivvy

One of Survival Frog’s most popular products is their highly-affordable emergency sleeping bag. In addition to its budget-friendliness, the Tact Bivvy is also quite versatile. You can easily use the Bivvy to line your tent or sleeping bag or just sleep in it by itself. Furthermore, the durable yet lightweight polyester material is windproof, waterproof, and even tear-resistant.

Keep in mind that they designed the Tact Bivvy for survival, which is why its bright reflective colors help retain body heat and assist rescuers to identify your location. Similarly, the taped and sealed seams ensure your sleeping bag is weather-resistant and can even boost body temperature by up to 20 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Survival Frog Tact Laser

Survival Frog Laser
Survival Frog Tact Laser

I’ve had one of the Survival Frog Tact Lasers for a few years now and it’s more than you could expect from a laser light. Unfortunately, these laser pointers are nearly impossible to find anymore, so good luck getting your hands on one. The military-grade High Power Tact Laser Pointer provides users with a beam that can cast up to 2 miles away, thanks to its 1000-milliwatt power supply.

As a result, the Tact Laser works excellently as an emergency signal even in the darkest environments. Surprisingly, you can even use them as flashlights or to even start a fire when you’re desperate. As an added bonus, these laser pointers are crafted with aircraft-quality aluminum, making them practically indestructible. Lastly, these lasers were built with integrated measures to prevent accidental activation and power loss, ultimately keeping you and your family safe.

Survival Frog Tube Tent

The Survival Frog 2-Person Tube Tent might be the most simple-looking tent on the internet, but it offers more than you’d expect. These bright orange tents provide users with protection against all the elements, including the sun, water, and snow. Plus, these nifty little tents are fire-resistant, which is a huge bonus. Additionally, the Tube Tent is ridiculously affordable, compact, lightweight, and simple to set up.


Between their survival food, kits, and gear, Survival Frog has you covered with care. Besides for offering top-quality goods that won’t let you down, they offer it all at incredibly affordable prices. It’s hard for me not to be impressed by these guys and to recommend them. If you’re interested in high-grade survival products and don’t want to spend top-dollar, then you should really consider Survival Frog.

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