Peltor H10A Optime Earmuff Review

Peltor H10A Optime Earmuff Review – This is the passive model in their tactical line. For around $20 it supplies amazing protection for a great price. Want to get the lowdown on this ultra-effective and ultra-affordable hearing protection device? Check out our new review to find out all about it, here at Gunivore!

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Peltor Sport RangeGuard Hearing Protector Review

The Peltor Sport RangeGuard Hearing Protector is proof that Peltor isn’t finished making strides in the hearing protection device industry. One of the very best from Peltor’s world-class line of hearing protective devices, the RangeGuard Hearing Protector is one of the best ways to keep your hearing protection covered – and we’ve got IT covered […]

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Peltor Tac 100 Electronic Hearing Protector Review

Peltor Tac 100 Electronic Hearing Protector is another great HPD in Peltor’s Tactical Line. Affordability and comfortable design means the TAC 100 = quality. We’ve got all things Peltor Tac 100 covered here in our overview feature – from noise reduction, to sound amplification, to build and comfort, we don’t miss a spot!

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Peltor’s Tactical 6S Hearing Protector Review

Peltor’s Tactical 6S Hearing Protector is one of the industry leaders in ear protection. Whether out on a hunt or at the range, they offer optimum protection. Check out our overview feature to read all about the sound amplification and features, quality and build of the Peltor Tactical 6S Hearing Protector and more!

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Peltor Tactical Line Review

Peltor Tactical Line Review – we discuss the most important thing second to gun safety, hearing safety and Peltor’s line of earmuffs designed for shooters. From an overview on hearing loss and the seriousness of gun-related hearing danger to a full rundown on the heralded line of Peltor Tactical hearing protective devices, we’ve got you […]

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FNS-9 Takes Aim at the Glock 19

In this article we see how FNS-9 takes aim at the Glock 19. Although the Glock 19 is considered the crown prince of polymer, the FNS-9 is on it’s tail! We’ve got it all covered – from Ergonomics and Feel, to Slide and Aesthetics, to its Lefty-Friendly releases, to the world-class Build Quality, this is […]

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.357 SIG Ammo Review

Buying the right ammo is just as important as making sure you’re buying the right gun! Kicking it up a notch has never been more fun! This .357 SIG Ammo Review takes a look at a caliber that packs a punch and will stop whatever is in your way – check it out now!

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Glock 19 Vs SIG P229 9mm Review

Glock or SIG Sauer – ahh, what an age-old, classic gun debate. With these two titans of the gun manufacturing industry – you really can’t go wrong, both make world-class handguns. However, if you are in the market for a handgun, our Glock 19 Vs SIG P229 9mm Review will give you the info you […]

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.410 Bore VS 20 Gauge Shotguns

Why is it that shotgun enthusiasts have such a hard time agreeing on certain things? Can’t we all just get along and enjoy our guns?Get the run down on the now classic debate – .410 Bore VS 20 Gauge Shotguns – in our brand new overview gun feature!

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Kel-Tec PLR-16 Pistol Review

Looking like a pistol right out of a sci-fi movie, our Kel-Tec PLR-16 Pistol Review takes a look at another Kel Tec firearm that is truly unique! Kel-Tec guns always assure of you quality, reliability and efficiency – things are no different when it comes to the Kel-Tec PLR-16. Read all about this incredible gun […]

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