It all started in 1870, with John Marlin. He established his own company, in order to manufacture a series of revolvers of his own invention. He set up shop in New Haven, Connecticut, and focused on handguns for about a decade or so. The Model 1881 was the first rifle he manufactured, and it was a popular lever-action rifle for many years, partly because there was no serious competition in that department.

In 1924, after the company went bankrupt, it was purchased at an auction by the Kenna family, who remained the owners of the business until it was sold to Remington in 2008. Once the sale happened and Remington took over, many changes were implemented and plants were moved or closed in order to facilitate expansion. The traditions and values of Marlin Firearms, however, were not wiped away, and they continue to inspire new generations of craftsman and shooters alike.

Marlin Rifles

Many Marlin rifles have been discontinued or reintroduced over the years. This is not a complete list of all of their rifles, but it does serve to provide an example of what this company is about, and to display some of the impact it has had on modern American firearms, and on the shooting industry and community at large.

444 marlin

The 444 is thus named because it is chambered in .444 Marlin, a cartridge was designed in the 1960s. The 444 is a lever-action hunting rifle, often recommended for larger game. The cartridge itself has a high impact factor, but not high velocity, making it very popular for short-range shots. It has a 5-cartridge capacity, 22-inch barrel, an overall length of 40.5 inches, and an MSRP of $439.

444 Marlin
444 Marlin

450 Marlin

This is a cartridge which was designed in the year 2000 by Marlin and Hornady, and produced by Hornady until 2009. The Marlin Model 1895M is probably the most well-known rifle which uses this cartridge, and it was also discontinued in 2009. Despite its 1895M affiliation, one of the main advantages of this cartridge is that it can also chamber itself into bolt-action rifles, becoming a kind of 45-70 cartridge. Because cartridges are often based on one another, it makes things easier for different shooters.

Marlin 22 Rifle

The company’s XT-22 series of rifles is chambered in .22LR and .22 Winchester Magnum. There are many rifles to choose from in their catalog, and depending on your needs you will be able to locate one which fits your purpose.

These .22 bolt-action rifles come with Marlin’s very own micro-grooves in the rifling, and with an adjustable trigger. The XT-22 series has a starting MSRP of $239, making it highly affordable for a wide range of shooters and enthusiasts.

Marlin Xt 22
Marlin XT 22 Rifle

Marlin Lever Action

John Marlin’s first rifle was a lever-action rifle, and ever since then the company has been synonymous with quality lever-action firearms. Lever actions have a few advantages over others, since they are practically all ambisextrous, and allow for a plethora of calibers, bullets, and loads. Those who practice reloading low-pressure cartridges by hand have always been fans of the lever action rifles, and Marlin’s are no different.

Marlin 1895

The 1985 is a big bore rifle, which was first introduced in the early 1970s. Chambered in .45-70, it is a rifle designed primarily for closer-range big-game hunting. The 1985 is available in 4, 6 or 9-shot mags. With barrels ranging from 18.5 inches to 26 inches, there are different models to choose from. Stainless steel, blued and finished and more. MSRP starting at $745.

Marlin 1895SBL
Marlin 1895SBL

Marlin 336

the Marlin 336 series has been around since the late 1940s. It has been chambered in different calibers over the years, but the most popular and enduring chambering has been .30-30 Winchester. There are several models in the series, each with the patented Marlin rifling, and with barrels range from 16¼ inches to 24 inches. 5 or 6-shot mags are available, as are various finishes and additions, with the starting MSRP being $548.

Marlin 336 Texan Deluxe
Marlin 336 Texan Deluxe

Marlin 45

The 1984 model by Marlin is a series of lever-action rifles, which come chambered in 45 Colt and 44 Remington Magnum. While the 45 Colt (and 45 Long Colt) is thought to be a cartridge reserved for semi-automatic pistols, it is also a caliber which also fits well with rifles. The Marlin 1984 45 Colt is just one example. The 1984 series has several 45 Colt models, each with a 20” barrel, a 10-shot magazine, and a MSRP starting at $788.

Marlin 1894
Marlin 1894CB 45 Colt

Marlin Model 60

This is a rifle designed in 1960, and it has been in production ever since (which is a true testament of its popularity and prevalence). Chambered in .22LR, and with a 14-shot magazine, it has become a favorite of varmint and small game hunters. It can also be used for plinking and general target practice, and because of its versatility it is considered to be a great “warm-up rifle”, often given to younger shooters before they advance to larger calibers/rifles. With a MSRP starting at $209, it is one of the finest and most accessible rimfire rifles, and over 11 million units are currently in circulation.

Marlin Model 60C
Marlin Model 60C

Freedom Group

After Remington purchased Marlin in 2008, they became a part of Freedom Group, a private holding company which also controls Remington and Bushmaster. Freedom Group came onto the scene in 2007, when Remington itself was purchased by Cerberus Capital (Freedom’s owners).

Freedom Group has so far gathered 15 companies under its banner, and it is a leading member of the firearms industry. Don’t forget, Remington is the United States’ oldest privately owned firearms manufacturer, and as such it carries a lot of weight. The Group now consists of about 3000 employees, and its headquarters can be found in Madison, North Carolina.


The firearms industry is one of mthe ost dynamic and evolving fields in the world. As long as there are those who are interested in exercising their right to bear arms, there will be companies like Marlin Firearms at their side, providing them with the best means for hunting, competing, and responsibly training the next generation of young shooters.

Bears, deer, moose, right down to paper targets and sand-filled Coke cans – whatever your passion, whatever your play, Marlin firearms has a rifle that will fit it. For nearly 150 Marlin has been manufacturing top-shelf rifles, in a wide variety of looks, actions, and calibers.

Whether online, at a gun shop, or at an industry event, you can find Marlin’s creations proudly displayed alongside this country’s best weapons. Made with quality and precision, Marlin’s rifles are intended for life-long use.

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