Anderson Manufacturing is not the most popular AR-15 manufacturer, but they do have a pretty special collection worth checking out. I first heard about the Kentucky arms company back at SHOT Show, and I’ve kept my eyes on them ever since. At first glance, Anderson is yet another run-of-the-mill rifle producer, but I wanted to find out for myself. While they have a solid variety of firearms and accessories, most people know Anderson for their affordable AM15 rifle. After doing some research and getting my hands on some of their most popular products, I present you with the Gunivore comprehensive Anderson Manufacturing Review.

Anderson Manufacturing AM15 Optic Ready

The AM15 Optic Ready is Anderson Manufacturing’s premier firearm, and it looked quite promising. The entry-level rifle kind of reminded me of the classic M16 thanks to the basic A2 plastic hand guard. Nevertheless, the rest of the rifle looked up to par with your average budget-friendly AR. Before even picking the AM15 up, I noticed that Anderson did a pretty solid job contouring the Optic Ready.

Gunivore Approved
9.4/10Our Score
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Capacity: 30-Rounds
  • Barrel Length: 16”
  • Overall Length: 32 12” – 36 18”
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs.
  • Finish: Black Anodized
  • Rifle Twist: 1:8
  • MSRP: $616.95 – $816.95

The American-made AM15 Optic Ready Rifle was built to be affordable without compromising any durability, and so far, it seems as if they’ve done just that. The Kentucky-based manufacturer designed the Optic Ready Rifle with compromise but no sacrifice. This special balance culminates in a firearm that is an overall pleasant surprise.

What really makes Anderson’s guns exceptional is their proprietary RF85 treatment. This award-winning process promises 23% faster action, firing with 85% less friction, and most importantly, it guarantees you never have to lube your gun. The RF treatment supposedly enables AM15 owners to clean their rifle with a quick soap and water wash.

Gunivore Approved
9.4/10Our Score
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Capacity: 30-Rounds
  • Barrel Length: 7.5”
  • Overall Length: 24”
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs. (Unloaded)
  • Finish: Black Anodized
  • Rifle Twist: 1:7
  • MSRP: $758.70 – $958.70

The Anderson Manufacturing AM15 Pistol is the shortened version of their full-sized rifle and offers increased versatility and a major tactical advantage. Even though the pistol variant is more expensive than the standard model, it is equipped with some pretty impressive features and components. For starters, I’m a big fan of the Magpul pistol grip, Anderson Knight Stalker flash hider, and ambi sling mount. To give your AM15 an even bigger tactical boost, they threw on a practically full-length continuous top Picatinny rail, plus the bottom and sides were designed to accept accessory rails. Like the rifle, these pistols are surprisingly accurate and are fun to shoot.

AM15 Multi-Cal Lower

If you’re looking to build your own AR, then you might want to consider an Anderson Manufacturing multi-cal lower receiver. Anderson markets a pretty sizable variety of above-average rifle parts and components that won’t break the bank. For just about $50, the AM15 stripped lower receiver is compatible with all AR15 calibers and accepts ¾” and 1” grip screws. Similarly, these Mil-Spec lowers are stronger than you’d expect thanks to their 7075 T6 aluminum forged material and Type 3 hard anodized finish.

multi cal lower
Anderson Manufacturing Multi-Cal Lower


At the end of the day, I can safely say I was pleasantly surprised with Anderson Manufacturing and their AM15 Rifle. Plus, the Kentucky arms producer has a solid variety of good parts and components worth considering, especially if you’re looking to build your own AR.

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  1. Buds list AM 15 as 20 in barrel. Is that accurate?

  2. I bought a complete upper minus the BKG from Anderson in 300 blackout and had 0 problems what so ever out of it. I was first just swapping out uppers on my spikes tactical using it’s lower and BKG for probably 2 years and had an Anderson non complete lower in my gun cabinet almost that whole time but the upper was running so good with my spikes BKG and lower and I was short on cash so I put off getting the rest of the parts needed to complete the rifle which were a stock and buffer tube assembly, BKG, and lower parts kit. I finally got all those parts and completed the whole rifle for around 650-700 with shipping and handling on everything. I have had the rifle over 5 years and never had a single issue with it. I honestly thought it broke one time when the action locked up just shy of closing into full battery and nothing I did would even budge the BKG at all. I took both pins out and got the rifle apart finally just to find that a primer had come out of the round I fired and got stuck in the upper with the BKG. Put it back together and fired a full 30 round mag with 0 issues! So it wasn’t the guns fault just a fluke situation with the ammo that u wouldn’t expect and lucky it happened at the range and not in a self defense situation! It just goes to show that U just never can tell what wrench life is going to throw at u day to day.

    1. I also wanted to say that it’s accuracy at been consistent all the years I have had it. I cover a 5 shot group with a quarter at 100 yards with maybe the edge of a hole or 2 showing from around the quarter. It’s a 16 inch barrel.

  3. I love my am-15,its never jammed , and i fire both calibers through it
    223, and 5.56, but i prefer 223

  4. Cant get through a 30 round magazine without a jam or misfire..Its not the ammo as its all new brass(Hornady and lake city)…Dunno why?

    1. Mine was doing that so I put a lol oil in it works great

      1. Little not lol

    2. Load 27 rounds instead of 30, and I think your troubles will disappear. 30 round magazines rarely function flawlessly when loaded to capacity. The rule I follow is 30 minus 3 and 20 minus 2. I have never had an issue with any brand of mag since adopting those rules.

    3. Scott return to factory for a work out on problem. Email first.

  5. I need at least three magazine’s for AM-15 Anderson Mfg.
    Multi cal. 5.56 if you have are no where I can purchase please let me know !

    1. Hi Rick, it looks like you can get them from the Anderson website but I recommend just picking up a Magpul mag which are better and easier to find.

  6. I’ve used the AM15 stripped lower receiver for a build (assembly). It is finished quite well, all the parts fit without problems and the completed rifle functions 100%. I would not hesitate to recommend an Anderson component for any build.

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