Hi-Point Firearms is one of the most interesting gun makers in the world! Founded by Thomas Deeb in 1992, Hi-Point was born out of a recognition of a need for affordable guns for the Everyman. Headquartered in Mansfield, Ohio, these American-made weapons are no-nonsense guns for no-nonsense shooters. It follows then, why their catalog is so limited – Deeb wasn’t interested in creating a firearms empire, rather, he wanted to appeal to folks looking for low-cost, durable, and reliable guns.

Even to this day, 25 years later, his guns are as simple as ever; all Hi-Point firearms are semi-automatic and use the simple blowback method of operation. In addition to their simplicity, Hi-Points are also famous for being among the most reliable on the market. In fact, they have one of the lowest return/repair rates in the industry and yet they offer one of the best warranties on the market. To even further their quality-control guarantee, all Hi-Point handguns and carbines are test-fired before they’re shipped to ensure safe and proper performance.

Hi-Point Founder Tom Deeb

Nevertheless, with their newfound fame came the inevitable infamy. Although not a true testament to the guns themselves, Hi-Points have gotten a bad rap over the years for their common use in gang crimes across the United States. However, I don’t understand why people use this to criticize the small company. That’s like saying you don’t want to drive an Audi because they’re a common getaway car. Seriously?! If anything, it just testifies to their high-quality and availability. The only real criticism I’ve ever heard about these guns is that, well … they aren’t so attractive. But at the end of the day, is a sexy gun really that important – More important than its performance, durability, and price?

On one hand, Hi-Points are regarded as inexpensive guns with few moving parts, low recoil, and considerable reliability. On the other hand, they’re simultaneously roasted for being favored by criminals and for not being the most attractive out there. In a world filled with doubt, I can safely say that as long as there are Hi-Points, there will be lovers and haters of these dependable low-cost firearms.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Ohio-based company’s past and see how they got to where they are today; this is the Gunivore breakdown of the American Hi-Point Firearms.

Hi-Point’s History and Background Explained

President of Hi-Point, Tom Deeb, began his career working in repairs and electronics without any real connection to guns. Realizing he had a knack for these skills, he took this knowledge to next level while serving in the U.S. military in Southeast Asia in the early 70’s. In fact, it wasn’t even until the late 80’s that he met a man in the arms business that ultimately got the ball rolling on what would become his famous company. Knowing that his competition was tough, Deeb set out to manufacture economical weapons that focused on safety and reliability.

As a result, Hi-Points are notoriously heavy; for example, many of their guns are crafted with tough zinc-aluminum to give them the necessary mass to handle the recoil from their high-powered ammunition. However, Deeb and his crew eventually turned to polymer parts to cut both weight and cost while also avoiding expensive machining.

Hi-Point Model TS

In 1996, just a few years after their debut, Hi-Point launched their first carbine (Model TS). What’s even more surprising is that in such a short span of time, the 55 employee-company managed to creep their way into the top 10 gun producers in the United States. And although it may not seem like a lot, Hi-Point has upped their annual output to around 185,000 units.

Hi-Point Carbines Review

Hi-Point’s carbines may not be their most popular firearms but they are definitely their best.  These American-made guns are incredibly reliable, accurate, and easy to use all wrapped in an economically-friendly package. To keep their costs down, Hi-Point was willing to sacrifice aesthetics, which is sure to polarize some shooters. That being said, fans of Hi-Point extol the company for offering such a variety, including their five carbines offered in 9mm, .45 ACP, .380 ACP and .40 Cal which are even +P rated.

Hi-Point 9mm Carbine

In order to keep their weight as low as their price, Tom Deeb uses polymer stocks and stamped sheet metal receiver covers. But don’t let these specs fool you into thinking that these guns are substandard. In fact, these highly resilient firearms can handle even the toughest weather conditions. Besides for their durability, Hi-Points are also remarkably user-friendly; these carbines are lightweight, loaded with safety features, and contain tons of accessory options.

In addition to including sling, swivel and scope bases, Hi-Point’s carbines have a sweet variety of sight systems available. While many shooters tend to opt for mounting a regular rifle scope or red dot on their scope base, many will also go for the fully adjustable sights with the rear Ghost Ring sight and front post.

Hi-Point Handguns Review

Although Hi-Point’s handguns get a lot of heat for their unattractive designs, nobody can question their performance. Take the CF-380 for instance; it’s a pretty solid-looking gun that any shooter would be happy to own. Simply put, Tom Deeb’s semi-auto pistols are inexpensive guns that get the job done. Unlike most other handguns, Hi-Points are based on the straightforward blowback system. In addition, instead of using a breech-locking operation, Hi-Point’s heavy slides are used to keep the breech closed. The result of this cost-cutting design is a heavier and bulkier gun, but its performance remains unchanged. Another benefit of this type of engineering is that with less moving parts, these guns are easier to maintain and clean and are less likely to malfunction.

Hi-Point .380 Pistol

I love the variety offered by Hi-Point! These unique semi-autos -crafted out of high-strength polymers – are offered in .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. One of my favorite features of Hi-Points is that their black powder-coated slides lock open after the last shot; I’ve always hated that “click and no bang” feeling on so many other handguns.

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Hi-Point Security Pack Review

If it wasn’t already clear that Hi-Point Firearms is dedicated to their customers, then check out there fantastic Home Security Pack. This handy package contains all of your home safety needs in one 11.5″ x 8.5″ x 1.5″ heavy-duty, overlap, pry-resistant, 18-gauge powder-coated steel security box. This revolutionary deal offered by the American company contains your choice of one Hi-Point .380 ACP, 9mm, 40 S&W, or .45 ACP pistol, one mag, and one trigger lock. This all-in-one package attests to their commitment to safety, affordability, and weapons innovation. Prices for the Home Security Pack vary from $199.00 (with the .380 ACP) up to $235 (with the .40 S&W or .45 ACP).

Hi-Point Handgun Grips Review

Hi-Point American Flag Skin

Hi-Point $100 Grip & Finish In an attempt to boost their appearances and ergonomics, Hi-Point offers a massive list of additional custom-textured grips for many of their firearms. Besides for standards like camo and carbon fiber, these grips come in cool patterns like $100 bills, American Flags, Boa snakeskin, and skulls. Lastly, to ensure a better overall performance and quality grip, Hi-Point hydro-dipped their grips with a state-of-the-art durable coating and added modern ergonomic textures.

Hi-Point’s Future: What’s On The Horizon For Hi-Point?

While Hi-Point’s history is short and sweet, it’s their future which has me concerned. Tom Deeb has been running the show for the tiny company ever since their inception, but after his unexpected passing all eyes are on Hi-Point to see where they will go. Knowing their commitment to Deeb’s ideals, I’m inclined to think that they’ll stick to their roots and uphold his commitment to safe and affordable weaponry.


At the end of the day, Hi-Points aren’t for everyone, and they’d be the first to admit that. Nevertheless, they sprung onto the market to provide working class folks with low-cost, reliable firearms, and that niche is only getting bigger. And although they may have had to cut corners in their production, all of their efforts resulted in balanced products that won’t disappoint. Of the many complaints I’ve heard about Hi-Points, rarely have I ever heard complaints about their quality or performance. In the end, they are a solid choice for someone looking for a new CCW or just something new to add to the collection – so I invite you to pick yours up today at your local supplier!

We hope you enjoyed our overview of Hi-Point Firearms. Check out other affordable brands like Kahr Arms, Taurus, and Kel-Tec while you’re here at Gunivore!

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  1. They should try single shot break actions. To take the old spot of NEF/ H&R market.

  2. Have owned a couple of carbines and a 9mm and a 40 caliber. Fun and easy to operate. Not the best gun, not the worst gun, for the money they are a good gun. So shut up complaining and try one, even if you don’t have the nerve to admit it to your friends.

  3. I have a 45 carbine and love how smooth and silent the shooting is. I aint’s getting rid of mines !!!

  4. I own the hi point 4095 carbine. I have added a red dot optic, painted the receiver & added the 2 mag attachment. This carbine shoots flawlessly, accurate at 100 yards, with a company who backs there customers with a outstanding warranty.

  5. Just ordered one . Will get it tomorrow. I have read up on the 995 every where and it seems to empress all the reviewers beyond expectations. Shooting is a fun sport I have the american ak47 and 45-70 and ar15s and a whole bunch of other rifles.but this little 9 mil is just for fun like all the others ,You people know what i am talking about? Its cheap fun but still not a problem child!

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