Barrett Firearms Manufacturing is arguably one of the most impressive and influential names in the weapons industry, and they’ve taken even further strides this year in their pursuit of excellence. Barrett is famous for crafting some of the best high-powered rifles, snipers, and machine guns. However, Chris Barrett, son of the firearms pioneer Ronnie Barrett, recently debuted a new line of top-shelf shotguns that are sure to impress even the most experienced shooter. Although most of their weapons are military grade or precision rifles, these fine firearms, sold under the Barrett Sovereign name, are purely hunting and sporting shotguns. The American company has been awarded countless times for their efforts and commitment to the weapons industry, which leads me to believe that their shotguns will follow suit.

But before we begin, I highly recommend checking out our rundown of Barrett Firearms just to get a glimpse of the history and lineup of this great innovative American company.


One of the biggest benefits to choosing the Barrett Albany is taking advantage of its over/under operation. Over/unders are great primarily because they allow you to use different sized chokes in each barrel. Similarly, with two shots loaded, you are afforded instantaneous follow-up shots, which can be a huge difference maker for a hunter or trap shooter. While many of the newer over/under shotguns can be costly, the Barrett Albany is surprisingly affordable considering how reliable it is. Even more, this shotgun is a thing of beauty; with ornate rounded steel receivers with custom engravings and AAA-grade Turkish Walnut, Prince of Wales stocks, these are wonderful masterpieces! To top things off, Barrett even throws in 5 choke tubes (full, improved modified, modified, improved cylinder, cylinder) to give you the full range of possibilities. Finally, Barrett engineered these beauties with a single-selective trigger and automatic ejectors which ensure a smooth, accurate, and easy shooting experience.

  • Model: Albany Over/Under
  • Trigger: Single-Selective
  • Stock: Turkish Walnut
  • Length of Pull (Stock): 14.5”
  • Gauges: 12, 20, & 28
  • Barrels: 12 & 20 gauge: 26″, 28″, 30″ with 3″ chambers and rounded forend or 28 gauge: 28″ with 2 3/4″ chamber and rounded forend
  • MSRP: $5,700


Although Barrett’s Beltrami may use the traditional side by side operation, this shotgun is a unique blend of classic engineering paired with modern performance. Like the over/under design, side by sides enable the shooter to use different sized chokes in each barrel and offer immediate follow-up shots. The main difference between the Beltrami shotguns and the Albany line is the single non-selective trigger on the former, as well as their side by side operation. Furthermore, the Albany line has their 12 gauge model available with either 26”, 28” or 30” barrels, whereas the only 30” barreled Beltrami is their 20 gauge. Otherwise, these shotguns are very similar aesthetically: both are crafted with gorgeous, artistic designs and components.

  • Model: Beltrami side by side
  • Trigger: Single Non-Selective
  • Stock: Turkish Walnut
  • Length of Pull (Stock): 14.5”
  • Gauges: 12, 20, & 28
  • Barrels: 12 gauge: 26″, 28″ with 3″ chambers and splinter forend, 20 gauge: 26″, 28″, 30″ with 3″ chambers and splinter forend, or 28 gauge: 28″ with 2 3/4″ chamber and semi-beavertail forend
  • MSRP: $6,150


This sporting shotgun was designed to be the ultimate tool for shooting sporting clays. If you take a closer look at this sleek and sexy firearm, you’ll notice the adjustable comb on its stock. In addition to its comb, this Barrett also features an adjustable trigger position. In terms of its appearance, the B-XPro does have the distinctive Sovereign steel body boxlock design with a coin finish, but it’s definitely a step down aesthetically compared to the Albany and Beltrami. Nevertheless, Barrett hooked these guys up with 6 extended choke tubes with even more available through their customer service. And while this multitude of options can give the B-XPro a personal feel, Barrett currently only offers this shotgun in 12 gauge with either a 30” or 32” barrel.

  • Model: B-XPro Over/Under
  • Trigger: Single-Selective
  • Stock: Turkish Walnut
  • Length of Pull (Stock): 14.5”
  • Gauges: 12
  • Barrels: 30″ and 32″ barrels with 3″ chambers and rounded forend
  • MSRP: $3,075


Last but definitely not least is the Barrett Rutherford. This classic field shotgun may come with a much lower price tag, but it is by no means an inferior product; in fact, this Barrett is the best all-around field gun in the Sovereign series. Besides for their 5 additional choke options, the Rutherford has 8 different gauge/barrel length combinations available. All in all, this Barrett has the ability to have that custom-feel without the price tag to go along with it. Additionally, its ergonomic rounded pistol grip stock with classic checkering, durable chrome-lined bore & chamber, and elegant engraving make the Rutherford one of the most well-rounded shotguns out there.

  • Model: Rutherford Over/Under
  • Trigger: Single-Selective
  • Stock: Turkish Walnut
  • Length of Pull (Stock): 14.5”
  • Gauges: 12, 16, 20, & 28
  • Barrels: 26″ and 28″ barrels with 3″ chambers (2¾” on the 28 gauge) and rounded forend
  • MSRP: $2,200


The Tennessee-based Barrett Firearms Manufacturing revolutionized the weapons industry when they perfected the large-caliber rifle for military use. And while militaries around the world have been using Barrett’s precision rifles for years, the Sovereign Series seems like a gift to their civilian fans. Their excellent engineering came up with these Italian-style shotguns that are sure to impress anybody who gets a glimpse. Barrett incorporated fine European artistry with their famous unrivaled performance to fashion these incredibly lightweight, easy to use, and reliable shotguns. I highly recommend these guns whether you’re looking for a new hunting or sporting shotgun or are just looking to compliment your collection.

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