You don’t need to be a weapons expert to know Remington Arms. As America’s oldest gun maker, Remington has been a powerhouse in the firearms market since 1816. As one of America’s premier gun and ammunition manufacturers, Remington has since expanded their range of products to include weapon maintenance equipment. Well over 50 years ago, they introduced their line of quasi-CLP’s (clean, lubricate, and protect), which Remington currently offers in aerosol, liquid, and wipes.

Before we begin, it’s important to understand the intricacies of maintaining a firearm, and we here at Gunivore got you covered. Take a look at our primer on the importance of gun oil and lube to find out more. Picking the right gun cleaner can make a huge difference in the performance and longevity of your weapon. With that being said, let’s take a closer look and see how extraordinary Remington Oil truly is!

Remington Rem Oil Gun Cleaning Lubricant Review

Remington Rem Oil Gun Cleaning Lubricant

The first thing I noticed when I opened my first bottle of Rem Oil was its viscosity. It’s so thin and colorless, you might even confuse it with water. The advantage of this is that it spreads to those tough to reach areas which get neglected too often. Remington’s brilliant engineering team designed their CLP with Teflon, which effectively blocks any contaminates from sticking to the gun. This Teflon formula is the key to Rem Oil’s protective power. It establishes a strong, long-lasting membrane which first permeates the metal, lubricates, then continues to protect the components from the regular wear and tear of firing.

Although I don’t think it’s the best cleaner or lubricant out there, its protective abilities are definitely superior. One of the most important factors to consider when buying a gun cleaner is determining whether or not it makes the cleaning procedure quicker and easier. I certainly think that Rem Oil fits that criterion. In fact, it did a pretty good job cleaning the dirt and gunk off my SW1911. I treated my gun in the beginning of the winter and by summer there were still no signs of rust or corrosion on its metal components. When it comes to deciding between aerosol and liquid, it really depends on your preference. I’m partial to liquid, but the aerosol works great too. Overall, I was extremely impressed with Rem Oil – I give it 5 stars.

Remington Oil Pop Up Wipes Review

Remington Oil Pop Up Wipes

Remington’s wipes contain the same reliable formula as their standard oil, with the added benefit of its convenience. They are a great choice for field use; if you’re on a hunting/camping trip, or looking to keep something handy in your shooting bag, these are a great choice. One pack comes with a dozen wipes which should last a regular shooter a decent amount of time. Using the wipes is a bit more expensive than the spray or liquid, but that’s the price you pay for convenience. At the same time, these are great for owners of multiple firearms. One wipe can clean several guns before drying out. A tip I heard at the range was to cut a wipe in half and use it to run the barrel – it’s good to know how versatile and reliable these are.

Remington Oil Cleaning Ingredients

Unlike many of its competitors, there’s really nothing special about Rem Oil’s components. Some of its ingredients are flammable, which seems a little outdated if you ask me. They also don’t claim to be environmentally-friendly or anything like that, something which most other companies have tried to attain recently. Nevertheless, Rem Oil contains no CFC’s. The most impressive ingredient is their Teflon lubricant. The Teflon provides a protective and lubricating film that shields your gun from future wear and enables it to operate like a well-oiled machine.

Where to Buy Remington Oil Products

Since Remington is such a huge company, their products have become available nearly everywhere where sporting goods are sold. Stores such as Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, and Dick’s all keep Rem Oil stocked. If you’re looking to shop online, I recommend buying from Amazon, but Walmart and MidwayUSA also ship Remington’s cleaning products. Something to consider: excluding Remington’s field wipes, the standard Rem Oil is much cheaper compared to comparable CLP’s.

Remington Oil vs. Hoppe’s 9 and FrogLube

FrogLube Logo

I used to swear by Hoppe’s 9 oil and I wouldn’t even dare to come close to using any other product. Well, as I got older, things changed and I was introduced to some very good cleaners. Once I grew out of my stubbornness, I came to love Rem Oil. However, my job allows me to try out all of the best CLP’s and lubricants on the market. While there are so many great ones out there, Rem Oil is definitely one of the best. In fact, it’s quite hard to compare it to other companies. In terms of its ingredients, Ballistol takes the cake.Ballistol is the far the safest product on the market.

One of the hardest aspects for me to judge was the ease of use. Rem Oil is so quick and easy to use, but the precision tip bottle of Hoppe’s has always been a favorite of mine. Furthermore, although Rem Oil isn’t a full blown CLP, it can still be compared to all types of cleaning products, CLP or otherwise. In terms of its lubricating ability, I think FrogLube’s paste is better. All things considered, Rem Oil should be at the top of any list of any weapons maintenance list. I recommend checking out our full-length analyses of Rem Oil’s competitors for more information about each company’s pros and cons including our M-Pro 7, Slip 2000, and BreakFree CLP reviews.


All things considered, Remington’s oil is one of the most versatile weapon cleaners you can buy. It transcends all expectations of what a standard gun cleaner should be. I’m a huge fan and will continue to stock up. Its innovative Teflon component is the cherry on top of an already impressive product. It not only cleans well, it also works great as a lubricant and protector (especially considering that it’s not even officially a CLP). After my first encounter with Rem Oil, I was so impressed that I immediately bought a bottle and pack of wipes. I decided to keep a pack of wipes in my shooting bag at all times and to take it with me on all my hunting and camping trips. Additionally, Rem Oil has proven its worth by working wonders on my knives, tools and other camping gear –definitely 5 stars.

Thanks for checking out our Rem Oil feature! While you’re here at Gunivore, check out our Mossberg 930 and 500 features – because why not?

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