Considered the leader in handguns and pistols in the gun world, there is little to complain about or find fault with when it comes to Glock and their line of guns. Well-made, efficient, and quality-assured, Glock guns are unquestionably the class of the handgun category (and no, they’re not paying me to write this!). With that being said, that doesn’t mean that gun owners don’t like a little gun modification every now and then – gun mods can be useful and handy in addition to gun modding being a fun hobby in and of itself. When I say gun mods, I don’t mean homemade vibrating triggers or rainbow sights – I mean legitimate, quality accessories that are available for purchase through legitimate, mainstream channels. Remember, safety first! Additionally, there is no direct correlation between gun quality and need for modding – guns with great build quality can be fun to mod just like low-quality guns might require modifications in order to bring them up to a quality, serviceable level.

transform your Glock
transform your Glock

Glock’s in particular are damn fun to mod, and additionally, the overwhelming popularity of their guns means that there is a plethora of options and information in terms of modding Glock’s available online and in the gun community. From sights to grips, there’s really no limit to the number of ways you can modify your Glock gun. Which is why, without further ado, I would like to present the top Glock mods available for gun enthusiasts. It should be noted that this feature will not be limited to any Glock gun in particular, but rather be inclusive of the entire line of Glock models.

Popular Glock Mods

glock barrels
glock barrels

1. Barrels

Glock factory barrels are some of the best you’ll find in any gun, not just in the handgun category. However, not every gun owner is going to want to use a factory barrel, as some folks have specific wants and needs in mind that a stock barrel might prevent or inhibit. For example, threaded barrels are useful in that they allow for the quick and easy attachment of accessories like suppressors and compensators. Additionally, stainless steel barrels can improve accuracy, and different barrels can be used in order to convert your firearm to a different gun caliber, for example .357 ammo. This would allow for gun practice of different cartridges within the same weapon. Barrel modifications are not always easy to find, fit, and implement, but when Glock barrel mods are in fact carried out properly, they can be extremely useful.

2. Sights

Maybe the most commonly applied modification in handguns, there is a wide-range of options available from tritium to fiber optic glock sights, for  owners who want to modify or change up their sights. Glock sights, it should be noted, are generally some of the best default sights in the gun industry, and are perfectly ready to use right from the get-go. However, some circumstances require the use of different kinds of sights. For example, for home defense purposes in the dark (and let’s be honest, we envision most home safety incidents as taking place at night to begin with), night sights are extremely useful. Night sights, like those manufactured by Trijicon, illuminate in the dark which allows for visibility and accurate shooting under any circumstances.

Glock disassembly tool
Glock disassembly tool

3. Glock Disassembly Tool

Made and sold by Glock itself, the Glock disassembly tool makes taking apart and disassembling Glock models a breeze. Third party disassembly tools aren’t made to protect your gun, and Glock’s model will protect your gun and ensure quick and scratchless disassembly in no time. There’s really no reason not to own one, especially if you find taking apart your gun a burden or worry that you might damage the firearm if you don’t take it apart properly. I liken this to buying an expensive smartphone and choosing not to place it in a protective case – you’re going to buy a $500 smartphone and won’t spend another $20 on a case that will protect it? Really? Well, if you’re spending around $1000 on a Glock handgun, you can certainly afford a disassembly tool that will protect your gun and costs less than $10. That’s some of the cheapest insurance you’ll ever find.

4. Grips

As good as Glock grips tend to be, the reality of the situation is that people’s hands come in all different shapes, sizes, and preferences. It’s an impossibility for anyone to manufacture a gun that comes equipped with a handle that is absolutely ideal for every single person – as such, we can’t expect Glock to. However, Glock grips tend to be pretty universally praised, and for those who are more particular or specific about their grips, there are a large number of modifications available. Firstly, grip tapes and sleeves with different textures and finishes are widely available for folks looking for options that allow them to maintain their grip in any kind of weather or setting. Additionally, grip extensions allow for better handing for larger hands, and grip frame inserts help to protect your gun by keeping debris out of the magazine well. Speaking of magazines…

magazine extensions
magazine extensions

5. Magazines

One of the most commonly pursued modifications in guns in general is in the magazine. Although Glock models generally come equipped with industry competitive ammo capacity, magazine extensions like the Pearce magazine extensions are an easy way to ensure you’re always prepared for whatever life can throw at you . Comfort is also a consideration when considering longer, less compact magazines, so gun owners need to weight the pros and cons of these decisions accordingly.

6. Rails

Another common modification undertaken by gun owners are rail attachments. Sometimes providing more flash than function, glock rail accesories  like lights and lasers can highlight targets and make identifying your gun direction easy. Flashlight attachments, like night sights, can make using your Glock in the dark a much easier thing, however they do tip off others as to your presence and location. These sorts of attachments vary greatly in terms of compatibility as well as build quality, so make sure to do your research and choose accordingly.

7. Locks

A staple of the gun kit of any safety-conscious gun owner, gun locks are a necessary tool to own in order to ensure that your guns are kept safely and not tampered with when they are not on your person. Non-electric gun locks can come with key or combination-based unlocking features, while electronic gun locks can even come with “smart” features that are compatible with your smartphone or computer. The Zore X, by Zore, is a new gun lock that looks to combine the best in electric and non-electric gun locks and could revolutionize the entire gun safety market and industry.

8. Holsters

A holster can be not only a useful tool for Glock owners, but a necessary one for those owners who live in states that outlaw open carrying. Glock gun holsters can come in all different sorts of materials and styles, from steel attachment systems, to stealth holsters, and more. Always remember that there are two important factors to consider when weighing which kind of holster to buy: Number one, to make sure that the holster fully locks and secures the gun when inserted, and number two, to make sure that the gun is very easy to unlock and access when needed. Comfort is a consideration as well, but one should never compromise safety for the sake of comfort. As always, safety first!

Know What You’re Buying!

Glock in disguise
Glock in disguise

In conclusion, from the Glock 19 to the Glock 26 there are a number of practical, fun, and exciting options available to Glock owners who are looking to change things up on their stock model Glock weapon. Make sure when considering which accessory to purchase that your choices are reputable and safe – third party, off-the-grid outlets that sell cheap, gimmicky gun accessories or mods are likely cutting corners and compromising on safety for the sake of undercutting the market leader accessory providers. It’s never a good idea to compromise on quality for the sake of costs, especially when your safety is involved.

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