With SHOT Show just around the corner (January 17 – 20, Las Vegas, NV), and the annual NRA Show coming up in the spring (April 27-30, Atlanta, GA), there have been many people wondering what 2017 has in store for us, firearm wise.

2017 is promising to be an interesting year, to say the least, what with Trump succeeding the throne of the U.S. Presidency. Some say Mr. Trump is the most Second Amendment-friendly president elect we have had in a long while. Remember, he did receive the endorsement of the NRA during his campaign, but time will tell exactly how gun friendly his administration turns out to be. At the least, we’re looking at a big improvement from our former President in the gun department. But enough of that. I am not about to talk about laws and politics, because honestly – I just don’t know enough about it. But when it comes to guns and firearms? Bring it on! Time to make guns great again!

Some of the finest manufacturers out there are about to launch new models and variants of existing models. Business is business, and many of them are keeping things hidden until unveiling day arrives. Here is a short list of guns to look out for in the coming year. Mind you, this is based mainly on rumors and conjecture. Nothing is definite until the press releases start coming in, but we’ll give you the scoop regardless here in our gun preview 2017.

Glock 2017 Preview

glockIn June of 2016, Glock won an $85 million FBI contract. Later that summer, there were rumors – and even a leaked photo – flying around, regarding a new Glock 9mm model. Named 17M, this is a Glock modified for the FBI’s purposes and meant to succeed the .40 S&W as their new service pistol. There was also talk of Glock 17 and Glock 19 being introduced in their Gen 5 versions in this coming year.

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Remington 2017 Preview

2For the first time in its 200 years of history, Remington Firearms started producing striker-fired, polymer-framed, semi-automatic handguns. This transition into the polymer semi-auto handgun market is one which has been years in the making. The company has already begun the process with its introduction of the RP9 and RP45 (in 9mm and .45 ACP, respectively) last last year. 2017 promises to be a big year for Remington, and I believe we can expect more models to be introduced. Will this shotgun/rifle-oriented firearms manufacturer be able to successfully penetrate a new side of the guns market?

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Smith & Wesson 2017 Preview

3This company has been hard at work, preparing its new M&P 2.0 handgun for release. Back in the spring of 2016, there were rumors going around about this new pistol, and it was made semi-official after a hint was dropped, in the shape of the sudden addition of the 2.0 to the website inventory. This was done without any official announcement by the company or its affiliates, and shortly afterwards the listing vanished. Was it a mistake? A tease? Who knows. Things may change, but it seems that the new 2.0 will be a 9mm, striker-fired, 17-round capacity semi-automatic handgun, with a new trigger system, tougher grip texture, and durable finish.

This is just one of several guns which S&W are undoubtedly preparing to unveil at the upcoming trade show. If there was ever a time to be a fly on the wall…

Bushmaster 2017 Preview

4Bushmaster sells semi-automatic pistols, but it specializes in M4 / AR-15 rifle variants. It is amazing what you can do with such a high-quality platform to build off of. For over 40 years, Bushmaster have been providing the shooting public with some of the best guns around, and in December of 2016 it announced the upcoming release of the Bushmaster Minimalist, a badass-looking rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO and 300 BLK.

Chiappa 2017 Preview

5This Italian manufacturer is no newcomer to the firearms industry, and in this coming SHOT Show, it plans on introducing several neat-looking guns. First of all, there is the highly-anticipated White Rhino, in .357 Magnum. This addition to the Rhino line of revolvers is one which will surely get people talking. In a second announcement made by Chiappa, it was revealed that they will be releasing their single shot .22LR Little Badger rifle in new calibers.

There are manufacturers – typically the smaller ones – which introduced some of their new products at the 2016 National Sporting Good Wholesalers (NASGW) expo (October 25 – 28, Kansas City, MO). On the other hand, there are manufacturers which choose to hold out on revealing anything new, until SHOT Show rolls around. The element of surprise certainly lends itself to the drama which surrounds SHOT every year. Among the new makes, models, optics, holsters, and other goodies which were unveiled at the NASGW 2016 were:

Truth is, there isn’t too much to say at this point. Gun companies and their PR people like to keep a tight lid on any new information, but on the other hand, some reps and associates love to drop hints and drive the gun enthusiast community a little nuts in the process, with those “keep ‘em guessing” attitudes being displayed across the board – that is, until SHOT comes around and puts the cards on the table. This year is no different. It’s all part of the business, I guess, but there is also an element of fun to it, if you happen to be an outside spectator.


“To every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!”

-Mary Poppins

And speaking of Mary Poppins… I love the holiday season, but I am also looking forward to the end of January, so we can find out just how hard firearms (and firearm accessories) companies have been working this past year. I am hoping, like many others, for a lot of interesting developments in 2017. We will have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading our 2017 gun preview here at Gunivore! If you’re interested, check out our new ammo features covering the .45 ACP, .40 S&W, and 9mm!

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